Senin, 31 Juli 2017


Hello, I'm M Raihan Salman M. You can call me Raihan or Salman. I was born in Tabalong, 24 August 2002. Of course you all don't know that place. If you know that place it's mean you are real bro. If you don't know, let me tell you Tabalong is an exclusive place in Borneo Island. I really miss that place so much. Because there are a ton of memories happen in Tabalong. When i was a little boy, me and my brother often go to somewhere new, like a river, a farm, and many else. I often go home with a new wound in my body, but i really love that experience. I remember when i played in the river and my right foot step on a nail, but i not instantly cry. I cry when the wound was cleaned by my brave father. He is my hero. He often bring me to the park. Me and my brother often played in the rain. And when we go home there is my mom ready to get angry, but i know my mom angry because she cares about me. And the time arrive, me and my family must go to Bandung. I go to Bandung when i was five.  In Bandung, me and my family lived in my grandma house. Initially, i can't instantly adapted to the environment. So i stay in my room. Until i follow my brother to the field full of children. And i play with them. When i was nine, i moved in to my new house.